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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hack turns voting machine into PacMan Arcade

Voting machine critics are still coming up with new ideas about how to inform the public about the very real dangers with this technology. And while the media has shamefully neglected the hot topic so far, I hope this stunt will finally make the headlines:

This is your Sequoia touch-screen voting machine....

This is your Sequoia touch-screen voting machine with Pac-Man hacked onto it without disturbing any of the "tamper-evident" seals supposedly meant to protect it from hackers...

Any questions?...

This should reach the broad public, making everybody aware that touch screen voting can't be trusted! However, for leaving a stronger impression, another video would be great, using humor for a more widespread "viral" distribution. How about this possible script:

Typical polling station scenery. Background music - the Boss, "Born in the USA". Title says "This could happen at YOUR polling station!". A very American looking guy with a US flag on his T-shirt, named Avery Joe Sixpack, announces he wants to vote. When he moves towards the booth, he suddenly freezes and shouts: "What the BEEP"! Camera moves and shows PacMan running on the voting machine. Music blending into PacMan sounds.

Fading into a picture with the voting machine showing the usual voting screen. Big title: "Earlier this morning". Music from "Pink Panther". Conspicious looking guy, obviously disguised with big sunglasses, a weird wig and a ridiculous false moustache sneaks into the booth and closes the curtain. Muffled swearing "damn" when a compact flash card and a screwdriver fall to the ground. A hand picks the items up. New big title says: "REAL hack of a REAL voting machine happening now!" Stop clock shows up, counting seconds, movie goes into fast forward. Camera shows his feet moving, indicating he's doing something mysterious with the machine. X minutes and y seconds later on the clock, the man leaves the booth, with PacMan running on the screen in the background.

While showing a close up of PacMan running on demo mode, big title: "What if that guy had been up to no good?". Fading back into the first scene, showing Avery Joe entering the booth with the usual voting screen on the machine. Camera close up, showing Joe is trying to vote for the next president, selections are Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Adolf Stalin. Music "Hail to the Chief".Joe taps on, say, Reagan, but for a splitsecond, the machine highlights the Adolf Stalin selection, showing then the message "Vote recorded". Big title: "REAL hack of a REAL voting machine tampering the vote!".

Fading into a picture of a newspapers stand. The melody turns into a dark mood, with marching steps as the bass line. Papers show variations of the headline "Adolf Stalin elected!" Big title: "Don't let it come to this! Don't vote on touch screen machines. Call your representative and demand secure voting!" Fading into a close up of a paper ballot, Avery Joe's hand is shown making a big cross at "secure voting, paper ballots".


(based on a comment at the BradBlog)

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