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Monday, August 13, 2007

News I'd like to read

Somehow the great news about Rove resigning made me think about the next big news I'd like to read:

Tapes Reveal Bush, Cheney, Rove Criminal Conspiracy
Nixon's Oval Office taping operation never suspended. Evidence for election fraud, Iraq war lies, and corruption.

Washington, DC -- "Nobody ever told me to stop it" said John Doeberger, a technician working in the White House since 1969, during an ACLU press conference when asked why he still conducts the Nixon-era taping operation. "I am responsible for all telephone and audio equipment in the White House. I had different bosses over the years, but they never showed any interest in the details of my job." In a surprise move, Doeberger decided to go public today after learning from the tapes that the Bush administration not only lied to the American people about the reasons to start the Iraq war, but that they're also responsible for several other serious crimes.

"I was never interested in what's on the tapes before, but when my son was killed in Iraq, I wanted to know what he died for. So I checked into some old tapes from 2003, and what I learned was so shocking that I simply had to inform the public" said John Doeberger, 63, whose son James Doeberger, 28, died while serving in a National Guard unit that is part of the US surge in Bagdad. "Bush, Cheney and Rove stole both elections, they directed the efforts to manipulate the voting machines. They were still laughing about it in 2003, and were making plans for 2004."

"They also deliberately gave away federal contracts to businesses who supported GOP campaigns. I heard Cheney telling Bush: "The oil meeting went really well. Those guys will give millions to assure our support". And everything they told us about Iraq was a lie. They started the war because their buddies in the energy industry wanted it. They never believed in the WMDs. And they didn't care that thousands would have to die for those oil contracts." While giving copies of the tapes to members of the press, he concluded, fighting his tears: "They killed my son for oil, I want to see those [expleted] in jail!"

Well, that's what I would call good news!

(Originally posted as a comment at Americablog)


Anonymous LogicMe said...

Bull Shit!

You are just another one of the Clueless Clods on the Loony Left who are either too lazy to learn the facts OR you are
just dumb to comprehend the facts.

The Iraq War is FULLY JUSTIFIED and a NECESSARY part of our War On Terror!

Here, try something new for you. It is called learning!


If you are like rest of your ilk, you wold Flunk a test on the facts.

Neil C. Reinhardt


A Pro War Agnostic Atheist Activist who is also a Iconoclastic Philosopher & Damn
Bright Grumpy Old Son Of A Beach! And a Vet, 101st Airborne.

24 January, 2008 18:22  

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