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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Better fried chicken than Friedman...

"The “real reason” for this war, which was never stated, was that after 9/11 America needed to hit someone in the Arab-Muslim world."

Of course, this is bull. Friedman is an idiot, I don't really know why anyone reads him anymore. We have to remind us that it's not been 'America' that decided to go against Saddam, it's been a right wing clique in or connected to the White House. All evidence shows that Iraq was the very first thing that came to their minds when thinking about a response to the destruction of the towers, even before thinking about how to punish those who really were responsible. And the neocons wanted to hit Iraq even before 9/11, because of several reasons: Frustration with the outcome of the first gulf war, hate against Saddam for his numerous provocations (not the least his try to kill Bush I.), the urgent desire to secure the oil supply of the US, deep concerns about Saddam threatening Israel, an obsession with strategical power play, to name only the most obvious. These were the motives that powered the gang at the levers of power. Yes, sure there was a widespread desire among americans to hit back, no matter what the target. But this wasn't the reason behind the war, it was just used as a psychological means to sell it to a broad public.

Imho all of this is evident, and while there are still 'pundits' who try to distort the issue, we have to ask ourselves if they are really that dumb or have hidden motives to mislead their audience. Well, I think in the case of Tom Friedman, by looking at his vast output of idiocies, we can safely assume he is an honest fool.

(originally posted at the Poor Man Institute as a comment on a story about the reason behind the Iraq War.)


Blogger Schwarzmann said...

Anscheinend verstehst Du die politische Lage in den Vereinigten Staaten viel besser als die meisten Amerikaner es verstehen.

Es ist traurig dass ich der Europäischen Presse mehr Vertrauen schenken kann als der Amerikanischen. Kennst du Siegfried Buschlüter beim Deutschlandfunk? Ich finde seine Reportagen aus Amerika sehr informierend und manchmal auch sehr lustig.

14 September, 2006 15:17  

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