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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Open letter to Jesse "Doc" Wendel

I have withdrawn the original post here, which consisted of an exchange with Jesse "Doc" Wendel of the GroupNewsBlog. Jesse has now come forward with the news that he's a chronic pain patient and that this might have affected his work recently. These aren't good news, and I'm honestly sad to hear that. If you read this, Doc, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! I wish you the very best for 2008 and I hope this year will bring you a cure or at least a better treatment for your condition. And I have to say, in this light the development and improvements of the GroupNewsBlog are looking even more outstanding.
To Doc Wendel and all brave GNBers: Keep up the great work! And fuck the fucking Yankees!

P.S.: Doc, I guess you were right after all. Too much complaining here in the past, and this is leaving a negative (though distorted) impression on an occasional reader who might stunble upon this site. I should do more positive, original stories. But, damn, the high standard you and other liberal bloggers are upholding makes it rather difficult for this humble commenter to come up with anything competitive! ;-)